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  Pearlvine International Reviews / Business Plan / What is Pearlvine?

Is pearlvine fake?
Is pearlvine safe?
Is pearlvine legit?
Is pearlvine legal?

If you are wondering if pearlvine international (Pearlvine System) is legal or illegal, you are the right place. There are a lot of doubts to everyone if this company can exist for ever or will shut down overnight.

Ok, lets keep that aside for a moment and try to understand what is Pearlvine all about.
Have you ever dreamt to be RICH without Doing Anything? Well then this is your chance to become a millionaire, all you need is an investment of $30 (Approx ₹2,250) and be a Sponsor for 4 users.

Unbelievable, yes, it is correct. This concept comes from the company Pearlvine, which has its background business in Pearlvine Mynt (PV Mynt) which is a is a digital currency just like Bitcoin trading in 200 Countries.

But as this is not as famous as Bitcoin and it fell down to ground in April 2018 when the digital currencies were monitored by every Government in the world, they thought of a plan and introduced a Multi-Level System to bring back the glory of 2015.


There are 6 ways to earn Income:

pv mint history.png


The value of each unit of Mynt changes everday and gradually increases. The growth of Mynt will provide direct benefit for the users.



Whenever a user purchases Mynt directly from Admin, 2% of the Mynt Value is transferred to the user’s Sponsor and up to 8 levels.



Whenever a user sells Mynt directly to Admin, 2% of the Sale Value is adjusted to the users Sponsor and upto 8 Levels.



You get $15 directly from every new User you Sponsor, so when you join 4 users you earn $60 from which you need to upgrade with $40 in Auto Pool.



Every Pearl user is eligible to earn this income. This income is distributed by a special software on a First Come First Serve Basis. This is passive Income as you once upgrade to Auto Pool and wait for the money to come. There are 6 types of Auto Pools.

pv levels.png



You will get $1.25 for every new user you join your team up to 8 Levels.

The real Catch of the whole system lies in Auto Pool, where you have to just upgrade and receive recurring income for a life time. If you are wondering how is this possible with Auto Pool, please find below how the new users $30 joining fees is distributed.

Sharing of Money when a new user joins with $30

$15 will be directly transferred to the sponsor
$10 in Team performance ( 1.25 up to 8 Levels)
$5 in Pearl Autopool

As soon as you join with $30, you need to introduce 4 users.

When you introduce you get $15 X 4 = $60 Back. Out of this you need to upgrade with $40 to join the AutoPool.

In a similar way you can upgrade to other Auto Pools gradually.


So, I got the whole concept, how do I Join?

The process is super simple, you cannot directly join the Pearlvine System. You need a sponsor to introduce you to the system. 
Please use the below link to join the pearlvine System.

Steps to follow:

1. Click on the below link:

2. You will get the Sign-Up Form:  Please fill in your details:













•    Name
•    Email
•    Select Country
•    Your Mobile Number-give correct number, SMS will be sent for verification
•    Choose Password
•    Re-Type Password

After filling the above details, check (Click) on the I agree to terms & conditions
Now Press Continue

3. After login to your account, now you need to recharge with $30. 
For this click on Add More DP (1DP = 1USD), so input 30DP.
You get the option with PayPal to recharge

4. After you finish to recharge your account:
Click on the link where it says:
If you have 30DP or more fund in your wallet Click Here to Upgrade your account.
After you click you will be upgraded to Pearl.

5. Now you task is to earn 60 to join the Auto Pool, for this you need to get 4 users under you by using your referral link or Sponsor ID. When 4 users join, you will be credited with 60, from which you need 40 to upgrade.







Similarly you can upgrade to other Auto Pools when ever you wallet is full with required DP.

So what are you waiting for, Join Pearlvine Now:



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