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  Indusviva Products Review ( i-CHARGE, i-PULSE, i-COFFEE, i-SLIM )     

If you are looking for indusviva products review or the benefits you are the right place. Also If you have a doubt in your mind about any drawbacks, cheating, side effects its time to get it off your mind as this is 100% Genuine company with high performing products and real offices in India. 

All the products are 100% Natural and has No Side effects, 100% legal complying with Indian Regulations and.certified by the AYUSH department, Government of India.


1. Established in 2014, Indus viva Healthsciences is a Health & Wellness Company
2. Has parterned with BIO ACTIVES JAPAN CORPORATION which is a Leading Netraceutical Company in Japan
3. First Government Licensed Multi-Level Marketing Company in India
4. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
5. Has world class Cosulting Firm KPMG as Statutory Auditor


i-CHARGE : 100% Natural Drink, No Caffeine & No Sugar 

The main ingredient in i-CHARGE is Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) which has potential benefits like relaxation, alertness, calmness & stabilizes the mood. 

It gives you instant energy and also provides long lasting energy up to 6-8 hours, it improves alertness, memory, stress and chronic fatigue.


Memory & Concentration
Impoves Vision
Alertness, Mood & Energy Levels
Reduces Anxiety & Depression



DOSAGE : Once or Twice a day at any time, 

Can be taken by people of all ages including diabetic patients as its Sugar Free.


i-PULSE : Anti-Oxidant, Immune Health Support, Anti-cancer

The main ingredient in i-PULSE is Acai Berry, world’s No 1 super fruit from Amazon Rain forests which has highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 1027 micro moles TE/g. It has potential in curing arthritis, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, inflammation, mental stress, ischemia, infection, cancer and aging.

Formulated with 15 Fruits including the super fruit Acai Berry, it delivers 26 Health Benefits including Anti-ageing & added heart benefits derived from  Resveratrol.


No 1 Anti-oxidant
No 1 immune health support
Anti-cancer support


MAIN INGREDIENT:  ACAI BERRY, world’s No 1 super fruit


DOSAGE : 30 ml twice daily half an hour before food, 

Refrigerate before and after opening the seal. Shake well before use.


i-COFFEE :  Type 1 & 2 Diabetes Management, Blood Sugar Support

The main ingredient in i-COFFEE is Salcital (Salacia Reticulata), which has references in Charka Samhita for the overall Management of Madhumeha written by Acharya Charaka. 

Salcital and other herbal extracts blended with superior quality of coffee beans from Coorg region of Karnataka.will manage diabetes. Clinical Trials have shown it is effecacious in the management of Pre-diabetes.


Prevents Pre-Diabetics
Controls Diabetics
Blood Sugar Support

MAIN INGREDIENT:  Salcital (Salacia Reticulata)


DOSAGE : 1 Sachet twice daily half an hour before food with 100 to 120 ml hot water


i-SLIM:  Flat Tummies , Good Fat In - Bad Fat Out

The main ingredient in i-SLIM is FB3, a proprietary blend (US Patented) of three well-known natural ingredients: Coleus forskohlii, Salacia reticulata, and Sesamum indicum. Individually, each of these components has been shown to inhibit fat absorption.

Other ingredients like Soy & Whey Protein provide suitable meal replacment support, replaces complex carbohydrates and reduces extra energy reserve in muscles thus support natural weight loss.


Converts excess sugars and carbohydrates into fatty acids, triglycerides
Has the ability to suppress appetite

More efficient metabolism depleting stored fat

Oxidize fatty acids and reduce fat levels in the liver

MAIN INGREDIENTS:  Coleus forskohlii, Salacia reticulata, and Sesamum indicum.


DOSAGE : i-Slim must be preferably consumed in the night by skipping dinner. One can drink water 10 minutes after consuming i-Slim Flat-Tummies.


i-GLOW : Anti-Ageing, Skin Lightening & Skin Damage Control

The main ingredient in i-GLOW is Saffron (Crocus sativus) which will solve skin problems like blemishes, dark spots, whiteheads, blackheads, wrinkles, formation of acne, flaking & dark circles

I-Glow contains powerful anti-aging ingredients from traditional Ayurveda principals, it provides beauty from inside; skin nourishment and repair it at the cellular level.


Skin Lightening
Skin Moisturizing
Blemish Control
Dark Spot Reduction
Radiant complexion

MAIN INGREDIENTS:  Saffron, Natural Plant Collagen, Grape Seed Extract


DOSAGE : One or Two Sachets a day, 15 Mins after food.

Can be taken by people of all ages; Men, Women & Kids

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