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  Indusviva Business Opportunity / Indusviva Plan Book / Indusviva Plan 2019  

Are you tired of the daily 8 to 5 job, which has more travel time and less salary at the end of the month? You always wanted to have a passive income but you did not succeed till now. Then this opportunity is definitely for you …

What if you can earn ₹2, 50,000 per week just by the comfort of your home and that too as a part time Job?  If you can’t believe this; yes it’s possible, this particular opportunity lets you earn and enjoy your life, anywhere, anytime and get continuous and lifelong earnings.

The secret of this opportunity lies in the fact that People are getting health conscious and are willing to spend to improve and retain their health. This is creating a lot of demand for dietary supplements & wellness products like Drinks, shakes, tablets for weight management, cholesterol, stress, anti-aging etc.

The best part is that these Products are Great & Unique, Not available in Retail shops. So it gives you the opportunity to earn money.
Coming to the point, this opportunity is with Indus Viva, the company behind 5 successful healthcare products which are quite popular in the Indian market. The biggest advantage of this company is that Indus Viva is the fastest growing company in India and its products, i-CHARGE, i-PULSE, i-COFFEE, i-SLIM & i-GLOW are already a big hit in the market. 

All products are very tasty unlike most of the products currently available in the market and 50% of the Companies profits are spend back on Sales & Marketing (Distributors) which is a good news. Let’s look at the company profile first.


1. Established in 2014, Indus viva Health sciences is a Health & Wellness Company
2. Has partnered with BIO ACTIVES JAPAN CORPORATION which is a Leading Nutraceutical Company in Japan
3. First Government Licensed Multi-Level Marketing Company in India
4. ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
5. Has world class Consulting Firm KPMG as Statutory Auditor

Now let’s look at the products which will earn us money.



i-CHARGE : 100% Natural Drink, No Caffeine & No Sugar 

The main ingredient in i-CHARGE is Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) which has potential benefits like relaxation, alertness, calmness & stabilizes the mood. 


Memory & Concentration
Impoves Vision
Alertness, Mood & Energy Levels
Reduces Anxiety & Depression



DOSAGE : Once or Twice a day at any time, 

Can be taken by people of all ages including diabetic patients as its Sugar Free.

Target Audience: College students, Sports & games players and people with Nervous disorders.


i-PULSE : Anti-Oxidant, Immune Health Support, Anti-cancer

The main ingredient in i-PULSE is Acai Berry, world’s No 1 super fruit from Amazon Rain forests which has highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 1027 micro moles TE/g. It has potential in curing arthritis, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, inflammation, mental stress, ischemia, infection, cancer and aging.


No 1 Anti-oxidant
No 1 immune health support
Anti-cancer support


MAIN INGREDIENT:  ACAI BERRY, world’s No 1 super fruit


DOSAGE : 30 ml twice daily half an hour before food, 

Refrigerate before and after opening the seal. Shake well before use.

Target Audience: Middle Aged people with immune diseases, Hormone problems, Acidity, BP etc.


i-COFFEE :  Type 1 & 2 Diabetes Management, Blood Sugar Support

The main ingredient in i-COFFEE is Salcital (Salacia Reticulata), which has references in Charka Samhita for the overall Management of Madhumeha written by Acharya Charaka. Salcital and other herbal extracts blended with superior quality of coffee beans from Coorg region of Karnataka.will manage diabetes. Clinical Trials have shown it is effecacious in the management of Pre-diabetes.


Prevents Pre-Diabetics
Controls Diabetics
Blood Sugar Support

MAIN INGREDIENT:  Salcital (Salacia Reticulata)


DOSAGE : 1 Sachet twice daily half an hour before food with 100 to 120 ml hot water

Target Audience: Type 1 & 2 Diabetic patients (Sugar), middle aged male & female who want to prevent Diabetes


i-SLIM:  Flat Tummies , Good Fat In - Bad Fat Out

The main ingredient in i-SLIM is FB3, a proprietary blend (US Patented) of three well-known natural ingredients: Coleus forskohlii, Salacia reticulata, and Sesamum indicum. Individually, each of these components has been shown to inhibit fat absorption.


Converts excess sugars and carbohydrates into fatty acids, triglycerides
Has the ability to suppress appetite

More efficient metabolism depleting stored fat

Oxidize fatty acids and reduce fat levels in the liver

MAIN INGREDIENT:  Coleus forskohlii, Salacia reticulata, and Sesamum indicum.


DOSAGE : i-Slim must be preferably consumed in the night by skipping dinner. One can drink water 10 minutes after consuming i-Slim Flat-Tummies.

Target Audience: Overweight, bad shape, health conscious middle aged male & females.


i-GLOW : Anti-Ageing, Skin Lightening & Skin damage control

The main ingredient in i-GLOW is Saffron (Crocus sativus) which will solve skin problems like blemishes, dark spots, whiteheads, blackheads, wrinkles, formation of acne, flaking & dark circles

I-Glow contains powerful anti-aging ingredients from traditional Ayurveda principals, it provides beauty from inside; skin nourishment and repair it at the cellular level.


Anti-Ageing, Anti-Wrinkle
Skin Lightening, Skin Moisturizing
Blemish Control
Dark Spot Reduction
Radiant complexion

MAIN INGREDIENTS:  Saffron, Natural Plant Collagen, Grape Seed Extract


DOSAGE : One or Two Sachets a day, 15 Mins after food, Can be taken by people of all ages; Men, Women & Kids


Target Audience: Women of all ages, Men of all ages, Beauty Parlours

So finally coming to the part how to earn money, Now let’s look into the earning part step by step.



1. How do I earn money from Indus Viva?

There are 2 ways you can earn money. Firstly you can earn from your sales and secondly from your teams (downline) Sales.

You have 10 ways of earning money, yes that’s correct, you have multiple ways to earn apart from the 20% sales of products which is really motivating. 


1. Retail Profit: 20% of all Sales, the more you sell the more you earn.

2. Top Retailers' Bonus: 1st Position: ₹50,000, 2nd Position: ₹25,000, 1st Consolation Prize: Products worth ₹11,990, 2nd Consolation Prize: Products worth ₹5,998, 3rd Consolation Prize: Products worth ₹2,997.5

3. Business Opening Bonus: You will be Paid ₹1000 for each associate you introduce.

4. Quick Star Bonus: If you achieve Star Rank within 1+1 week you are eligible for ₹1,000

5. Team Bonus: Compulsory monthly personal turnover ensures continuous earning, even without the expansion of the network.

6. Presidential Upgrading Bonus: ID will be 100PV Active for 12 months

7. Rank Maintenance Bonus: Rank Maintenance Bonus will be paid for maintaining your achieved rank consecutively.

8. Royalty: 50% of the turnover of the company is allocated for sales & marketing

9. Elite Business Match Bonus

10. Reward Programs : Free Insurance, Trips to Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Europe & USA. Mercedes Benz Club Member, Black Diamond Ring & Pendant.

2. What documents do I need to join this program?

You will need a bank account to receive money Pan & Aadhar card to join the business.

3. How much do I need to invest in this opportunity?

To become an associate you need to buy any 4 products of your choice by spending ₹12,400 which includes shipping and the products will be directly delivered to your home.

4. What should I do after joining Indus Viva?

The whole business is well structured and based on Network marketing. You need to join two associates under you, one on your left leg and the other on your right . This process is repeated by your down line. This will ensure your down line grows automatically and you will make money from this. You don’t have to worry about your down line as most of the times you’re up line will help in growing your team.

5. How do I receive money?

Every Monday you will receive payments for the previous week business until Friday directly to your bank account.

6. How do I make money?

Commission is calculated in PV (Points Value), 1 sale of I-Charge/I-Pulse/I-Coffee/I-Slim will get you 25 PV. For example, when you accumulate 100 PV on your left and 100 PV on your right you have earned 1000 and this will be deposited directly to your bank account.

If you accumulate PV only on one side in a week, these points will be carried over to next week. Later when it matches on both sides automatically it will be converted to money and will be deposited to your account.

The below are some of the associates who are part of 1 Crore Earnings Club giving a real motivation to every one.

6. What support will I get?

Up line : The biggest advantage of this business opportunity is that your up line will help you in getting new associates (down-line) as it brings benefit to both of you. You and your up-line together as a team can earn more commissions.

Affiliate Marketing Tips: You will also have access to VOPs (Viva Opportunity Plan) after you become an associate (distributor) from where you will learn more marketing tips and how to succeed in this business opportunity.

7. I want to Join, Where is the Registration form?

Start a new chapter by joining the successful teams. We are here to help you grow until you make money.

Please fill in the below Registration Form and we will guide you Step by Step.

indus viva-documents required.png
indus viva downline.png
viva-1 crore club.png
Registration Form

Thanks for submitting!

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